MLM Software Plan

The selection of the right MLM compensation plan is extremely helpful for a successful network marketing business. According to that, we provide guidance on which plan can bring optimum results for the business. Also since, every plan has its characteristics, pros & cons; you must understand principal plans about your business. Contact us if you have any doubts related to MLM Plan.
Binary Plan
1. Binary Plan
Binary plan is one of the most successful & popular plans in MLM industries for many years. This MLM software plan plays a vital and essential role in the growth of the network marketing company’s business structure. As the name suggests this plan works on the binary tree formation.
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2. Matrix Plan
Matrix Plan is a Plan in which the Number of Income Levels is Limited to Some Numbers. The number of Members in a Level may vary from Plan to Plan. Mathematics behind the Matrix plan is a rectangular array of quantities or expressions set out by rows and columns;
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Board Plan
Point-Based Plan
3. Point-Based Plan
Basically, a Point-based structure is nothing but the system which is incorporated in a company's earning structure. Also, a currency based on meeting recruiting or sales benchmarks is created by the same point based plan.
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4. Repurchase Plan
The repurchase plan is the most successful in the Global Market. Some of the major Network Marketing companies like Amway, Oriflame, and Tupperware, etc. are also following the fundamentals of the Repurchasing plan.
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Repurchase Plan
Board Plan
5. Board Plan
Nowadays there is a plan called Board plan which is leaving its mark slowly and steadily on the market. The board plan has so much potential in it but is commonly used in India. In this plan, participants made an excellent amount of reward points
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6. Insurance Based MLM Plan
Insurance basic plan has rounded up some of the major sectors in the market. It is the most trusted product plan for a member as it only needs to pay to the Insurance companies.
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Insurance Based MLM Plans
MLM Para Banking / RD-FD Plan
7. MLM Para Banking / RD-FD Plan
This is a new term used in the multi-level marketing / Network Marketing Industry and many people are not even familiar with it. It is basically a form of MLM software that is effective in the regular deposit (RD) and fixed deposit (FD).
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8. HYIP Plan
HYIP stands for High Yield Investment Scenario. It’s not fully a strange concept to someone who really has a keen interest in the investment. HYIP Left behind other MLM plans in the list of most assuring investments MLM plans.
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