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What and who are involved in direct selling?
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Beauty products, skin care, essential oils, tupperware, and other care products are the most popular categories for direct selling. The cosmetic industry is known for using direct sellers.

Mary Kay is a pioneer in the direct selling business, selling cosmetics through a multi-level marketing (MLM) business model, which is a marketing strategy for the sale of products or services where the revenue of the MLM company is derived from a non-salaried workforce. Participants sell the company’s products or services and earn a commission. Each seller is looked at as a freelancer or small business owner.

Mary Kay distributors, or sales representatives, make money by directly selling to people in their community, and they receive a commission on wholesale purchases made by people they recruit into the distribution network. Avon is another well known direct selling company in the beauty and personal care category. They also use an MLM model.

It can be easy to confuse direct selling with direct marketing, but the two terms are very different from one another. Direct selling is when individual salespeople reach out to consumers directly, whereas direct marketing is when a company markets directly to consumers.

Strategies for direct sales
  • Give it away for free
  • Use email marketing
  • Get social with social media
  • Cut costs with cross-promotion
  • Offer extras
Connect to sell, don’t just direct sell

Direct selling has had a bad reputation in the past for being nothing more than a pyramid scheme with aggressive sales representatives hammering the phones. In recent years, however, direct selling has had a renaissance with an ever-increasing focus on providing valuable content, products, and services to consumers. If you take the proper steps, you can work through those misrepresentations to build a trustworthy and successful business.

The direct selling model is popular as a work-at-home business opportunity because it doesn’t involve selling out of a physical location. You can differentiate yourself by focusing on user-experience and passion.

Make sure you focus on developing a good user experience, building a community, providing exceptional customer service, nurturing strong partnerships, and having your online presence translate into a powerful story. Customers identify with a story. It makes the sales process work for you rather than you working for sales.

Whatever direct sales strategy you employ, it’s important to make every customer feel like a valued member of the company’s family. It fosters loyalty, builds a connection, and creates trust.


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